About Radio Fox

Radio Fox broadcasts to the patients and staff of the Leicester Royal Infirmary and the Glenfield Hospital.  We are an independent registered charity No. 518558 based in studios at the Royal and entirely manned by volunteers – nobody at Radio Fox gets paid!

Our primary aim is to entertain and inform the patients, hopefully making their stay in hospital a little more bearable, but we also provide programming that is of interest to staff both on the wards and elsewhere through our streaming service. We also create dedicated shows supplied on CD to UHL clinics that cannot receive Radio Fox. Some of these CDs have been created specifically to aid reminiscing for use in dementia clinics.

Radio Fox broadcasts round the clock, 7 days a week.  In addition to daily request shows we broadcast an extensive range of specialist, speech and general interest programming, including drama, comedy, sports commentary and coverage of special events inside the hospitals and around Leicester.  We also engage and promote UHL clinics, local charities and good causes.

The Radio Fox committee

Chair – Scott McLaren

Vice Chairman – Matt Leo

Director of Finance – Scott McLaren

Director of Broadcasting – Alan T

Director of Administration – Marie Smith

Director of Engineering – Peter Bracey

Director of Public Relations – Vacant

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